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Protesting Covid the French way ...


Protesting (Les Manifestation) is normal in France, even during Lockdown for Covid19. The Manifestations are peaceful, often poetic even. They are always accompanied by the presence of the Police or Gendarmes … not to do so would be considered an insult to the cause, and who wants to do that?

As we were searching for fresh vegetables in Place des Arcades, we saw the police quietly take their respectful places … then the music, somewhat like a Salvation Army band … drummer, horn or two, tamborine, etc. Then this …

The group takes their places, led by a uniformed conductor, wearing only his underwear beneath the waist … a French Blue, White. Red in reverse. The group members each draw a chalk one meter circle around their position, they then sprinkle flour over their heads … and begin to dance about.

Protesting Covid Protesting Covid

Bonne Courage,