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Visiting Paris?


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Ready to go to France?


Do you ask yourself ... where shall I stay? Should I send money to proprietors? Is the internet safe for making reservations? Who can I trust? Do some of these questions pass through your mind just before you get in your car and drive straight to the travel agent?

First of all. Travel agents are great...but if you are adventurous, flexible, have time to learn about travel and want to make your own reservation, get on the internet ... like now!!! Poke around. Talk to a friend. Get advice. Pick up the phone. You really can do it.

Or ask us to help you. We are here to help reassure you. Each apartment or house that we recommend in Provence or Paris, we have either stayed there, a friend has stayed there or we have a good relationship with the owner or property manager. We have a growing collection of places in Provence and in Paris. Our list will grow. Stop by again or send me an email If there is a place you are interested in renting, let us know. We will check with our French counterparts. We are ready to help. We enjoy connecting with our French friends and would love to help you by sharing what we know. Won't cost you for our help. It's FREE. We simply enjoy helping.

Tour de France is in July. Places to stay along the route will be difficult to secure at this time but we can try to help you find a place. If you think that the shore is where you want to be.... think twice unless you do not mind traveling at night to get there or sitting in traffic all day. August, can be especially brutal for travel near the Mediteranean.

Plan ahead... now is the time to think about the light show in September in the Loire Valley or December in Lyon. Affordable rentals go FAST.

Check out Dick's "Travel Made simple." There is a lot of excellent information in this section about travel. If you have other questions, ou could also send him an email at

A bientot!

If you have questions, send me an email.

Bien Amicalement,