French Cookbooks by
Lydie Marshall
Alain Ducasse
Julia Childs

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Visiting Paris?


Getting There

We leave from New Hampshire - usually on Frequent Flyer miles. For a fool proof trip from here ... try limiting your trip to Chicago. Great art museums there, too.

Weather ... connections ... sleep? - It can be a nightmare just to get there. This is what we've learned so far:

The Guidebooks do a good job of laying out the basics - if you have not been to France, get a guide book or two - I've listed my favorites here. I've used everyone of these - I'll try to give you a candid review. They all cover the basics - some are focused on economy, others on class - it helps to know where you are going so you don't miss out - get a guide.

... That paragraph was for the planners - most of us don't. I'm trying to keep it simple here. Your best bet - painfully slow, sometimes - is to call the airlines to "shop" for connections and prices. If you're paying cash, be sure to call Air France. The French really do "Hospitality" right - And they are often very competitive.

Airport Rules

Bonne Chance