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Other Properties available with Martine Lebrun, of ImmoSweetHome. This very lovely and efficient realtor goes above and beyond when selling you property. She believes in relationships first. Call her, you will be very glad you did. Be sure to tell her the Stephens sent you.
Telephone: 06 79 63 63 80

Nyons - shops and more

Nyons - shops and more

Nyons - Market Street

Nyons - View of Mount Monteau

Nyons - Terrace View

St. Roman de Malegarde

St Roman de Mallegard Church Steeple

Sunset in St. Roman

When you are ready to move to France to rent an apartment or to buy ... I can help you make a connection. We own two properties here. An apartment and a house. There are experiences that I can share with you as you take the steps to finalize. If I don't know the answer, I know many folks and professionals that can help you.

I'd be glad to stear you in the right direction. We've had a few hills to climb. We'd love to help you walk a smoother path.

We are now going for our third year of a long sejour VISA. A visa is important to have if you intend to stay longer than 90 days. Our first was easy. We did it in the states. The second took us 6 trips and more papers from the states to accomplish. Tune in to see if we break the 6-trip record for our third VISA.