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Parler Paris -FREE Newsletter published by Adrian Leeds

Provence in the summer is an endless adventure from village to village, holiday to holiday. We try to stay away from the mediteranean because of the "circulation".... heavy bumper to bumper traffic. But... not taking our own advice and because we were invited to visi friends near the carmargue, we went to Gau.du.Roi and Saint Marie du Mer. We were advised to come south in the morning. It was only a 2 hour trip and so we kept our usual schedule of sleeping in, breakfast on the terrace before heading out at 9:15am. They were correct 8:30am would have been better. Listening to our GPS, we went straight through Orange and then Aigues-Mortes. Traffic by 11:30 was definitely bumper to bumper but only for a short distance. Our hosts had a delightful day planned for us starting with aperitif and lunch followed by a tour. We visited St Maries de la Mer, Aigue Mortes, saw the salt hills with its rose tone waters, pink flamingos, wild white horses and more high end boat docs in all of France. We topped the day off with great seafood along the shore. We were going to stay in the area but our day ended by 11pm. We headed back exhausted but loving the Carmargue area.

For the most affordable car rental, use this link or the cute Kemwel car in the right column. They are big on matching prices. You pay in US dollars and... they seem to always upgrade my customers, including me. My last trip I ordered a VW Golf automatic, they first gave me a Tuson Hyundai which I traded for an A180 Mercedes. Oo la la ... not that was great little gem. I want one.

For those of you who need euros, this is the time to trade. Call me, or send me an email. I'll walk you through the process. I've been using CurrencyOnline. They are simply great. It's painless and they give advice on when to trade.

A bientot!

If you have questions, send me an email.

Bien Amicalement,


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