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Pearl & Diamond Budget Towel Warmer Collection

Village Provencal Products Market

Rooster Reversible Table Linen

Village Provencal Products Market

Embroidered Towel

Memories come alive Chez Moi and continue throughout the year when you can grab a warm towel or robe from your Towel Warmer, enjoy the lather of soap from southern provence, smell the scent of lavendar from your ligerie sachet or take your jeweler from your handcrafted jewelry box. Endless daydreams can be yours if your carry treasures home...but the problem is just how much can you pack for you after you have packed for everyone else. Chez Provence MarketPlace will be on the lookout for products that bring back memories until your next return.

Some products are in stock for immediate shipment (Pearl and Diamond Towel Warmers, embroidered children's towels, and lavendar sachets in french Dupioni silk. Other items like the Scoutinerie hot pads or the Rooster table linen will be returning with me on my next trip and will available to ship by mid May. If you are interested in a particular item, send me an email and I'll be sure it returns with me.

You must have some wedding in June already planned. No problem if you plan ahead. But don't be disappointed, send me an email. Oh and...summer is filling up be sure to check out the most recent apartments I've posted.

A Bientot,