St Roman de Malegarde

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St Roman de Mallegard Church Steeple

Sunset in Saint Roman can be yours every evening

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Saint Roman de Malegarde

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Nyons - View of Mount Monteau

Saint Roman de Malegarde is a sleepy lovely hilltop village (only 10 minutes from Vaison la Roman) is a place where the neighbors really care about who you are and how you are. They welcome the Wolpe's (owners) back every summer and greet their friends (like us) with open arms throughout the year. This little town was our first introduction to the Vauclaus. We stayed at their primary home (see accommodations) for a week as we searched and quickly found our dream apartment. Armando and Elodie (neighbors of the Wolpe's) took very good care of us during our stay. We loved late afternoon aperitif with them and delighted in our visit to the Marie (mayor) to ask if there were other properties for sale. (Yes, of course, another villager was thrilled to introduced us.)

Saint Roman de Malegarde is a hustling little 275 person village in the summer... and caters to 15 (perhaps) lively bodies in the winter. What serenity. The apartment is totally renovated. Just move in and make yourself at home by the lovely fireplace built just recently by neighbor Armando. The cabinets are handcrafted in cypress in beautiful French provençal style. The Italian granite countertop and each Italian floor and wall tile are positioned as meticulously as the stone in the fireplace. This property will go fast. I just listed it this week. Don't wait to find out more. email me at

Details about this lovely pied à terre:

Bedroom: 14 sq meters
Bedroom: 8 sq. meters
Living Room: 26 sq. meters
Kitchen: 11 sq. meters
Bath: 9 sq meters
Skylight in the bathroom
Heat: Electric but you could easily put an insert in the fireplace

Asking Price: 108,000 eu

This little gem is in the heart of this lovely village provençal. Trust me on this one. If I had a little more cash, I'd have my bid in on this property. This is a great place to vacation a few weeks a year or live year round. You could easily rent it out to cover costs. Imagine that... you stay free on your vacation because someone else pays the rest of the year. For more information, send me an email. I'll put you in touch with the owner ...and you too, can own your own little pied à terre.